Zero Waste Tea


Switching to zero-waste tea is very easy, saves money, and prevents packaging waste. I buy my loose leaf tea at a local bulk store. You can either choose to bring jars and have an employee at the store tare them before and after filling them or to bring a few reusable plastic bags. My favorite teas to get are mint, camomile, a lemon/mint/camomile medley, and a black mango tea but teas like earl grey are usually also available.

At home, all you have to do is put a large pinch of tea leaves into a tea strainer. There are a few different designs, and I find a strainer without a “lid” best (not pictured above). The ball works fine but is more difficult to clean and sometimes leaks tea leaves when it isn’t fully closed. Simply pour boiling water over your tea strainer and remove it after a few minutes, as you would with a tea bag. Compost the used leaves.

Voila! Zero-waste tea.