Schmidt's Deodorant Review

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

Everyone wants to smell good.

When it came to natural, zero-waste deodorant, I struggled. I tried to make multiple types of DIY baking soda deodorant after deciding to stop rubbing toxic chemicals onto my skin and they just didn’t cut it for me. I smelled bad after sweating the tiniest bit, the mixture was a pain to rub on and left me feeling greasy, and it stained my white shirts yellow. Before I left for college, I had enough of smelling bad and worrying about my shirts. I decided to cave and buy a drugstore deodorant in a plastic tube mainly because I wanted to be able to apply it easily. I also didn’t have the time to try out DIY like deodorants in jars or paper tubes. I wanted something that would work, and fast. That being said, I still wanted to buy a product that was aluminum free. Aluminum prevents you from sweating and is the anti-perspirant aspect of most standard deodorants. Blocking your pores from breathing and functioning normally can lead to health issues. In addition, we have a row of lymph nodes in our underarms that can be effected by the aluminum. Especially because of this, I wanted to buy a natural deodorant.

Schmidt’s offers a dozen or so nice smelling deodorants. I chose the jasmine tea sensitive skin option ($10.99) because I liked the scent. Overall, the deodorant is ok. I feel as though it masks the scent of sweat more than it stops it. It also can be a slightly overwhelming smell, but I may be more sensitive to this than others, as I am fairly smell sensitive and my last deodorant was scent-free. My least favorite aspect of the deodorant is that after awhile of sweating, the smell is worsened by the deodorant. I used to be able to reapply my old deodorant and not have to worry about it, but now I feel I have to shower again whenever I’m stinky. That being said, it’s easy to apply and I know it’s not harming my body.

Every deodorant is going to effect different people differently. Because of this, it’s really important to take the time to try things for yourself. Even though my attempt at DIY deodorant didn’t work for me, it might work for you :)

UPDATE: I caved and went back to using my old Secret deodorant, which I’m not proud of. In the end, I found that Schmidt’s just doesn’t work well enough for me and that I was spending too much of my time worrying if I was smelly.