Raw Elements Sunscreen

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

When I began to make the switch to plastic and toxic free products, I realized I needed to replace my sunscreen which was both toxic and packaged in plastic. Almost all sunscreens have carcinogens which are substances that can cause cancer. It’s unfortunate, because many people coat their faces and bodies with sunscreen to protect themselves from the suns harmful UV rays but end up coating themselves with a different harmful substance.

Raw Elements offers natural zinc sunscreens in aluminum tins which are shipped in recycled paper envelopes. I bought the face and body sunscreen for $19 before heading on a trip to Mallorca during the summer. The sunscreen was great to travel with because I didn’t have to worry about it exploding or being too big to bring in my carry-on. I also didn’t have to worry about harming the environment and animals while using it because Raw Elements is both cruelty-free certified and reef safe.

The sunscreen itself is extremely thick. In warmer temperatures, it’s a bit easier to spread around. I suggest rubbing it around your hands before applying it in order to melt it a bit. Beyond just being a think consistency, it’s also pasty product, meaning you really have to rub it in.

That being said, I do like Raw Elements sunscreen. It took some time getting used to, but now I think it’s pretty great. For one, it lasts forever because you need so little of it which helps justify spending $19 on sunscreen. I’d recommend for those who buy it and intend to use it as a daily facial sunscreen to dap on a tiny bit onto your fingertips before rubbing it on to your skin right after you apply your moisturizer and it hasn’t fully soaked in yet. This helps spread it and reduce paleness. Overall, I caution people using too much at once because it is extremely hard to rub in once you put too much on and is also very water repellant. So just be mindful!

Overall, I would recommend Raw Elements plastic-free sunscreen!