Quip Toothbrush Review; Worth the Plastic?

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

My old electric toothbrush was huge. It took up a considerable amount of space on my bathroom countertop and was a hassle to travel with. When I switched to regular manual toothbrushes they weren’t cleaning as well as I wanted them to. That’s why when I discovered Quip I bought a toothbrush even though it goes against my plastic-free values. Quip is a toothbrush brand that manufactures and sells sonic electric toothbrushes that are the size of a normal toothbrush. A metal Quip sells for $45 and a plastic one for $30. Replacement heads are $5 and are shipped to your house every three months.

There are a few things I really like about my Quip. One, I like how it comes with a travel case (pictured on the top left of the photo) which slides over the head of the brush. I love this feature because during long flights I like to bring my toothbrush with me to use on the plane and like to protect the bristles from touching anything. Better yet, the case doubles as a stand for the toothbrush. The back has a strip that sticks to smooth surfaces like a mirror. Another feature I like about my Quip is that is pulses every thirty seconds to tell you when to switch brushing sides of your mouth. It also stops after two minutes. This really helps me brush for the total amount of time that dentists recommend. Lastly, I appreciate the minimal design of the toothbrush and how small it is.

Overall, I would say that Quip toothbrushes work better than regular manual toothbrushes, but mainly because of the pulsing feature rather than the sonic vibration. I feel my old Philip’s Sonicare toothbrush actually cleaned my teeth better because the brush head moved more. That being said, I still prefer the Quip because of its size and ease of use.

Quip toothbrush heads are plastic. Dentists recommend that individuals use a new toothbrush every three months. This means there is a considerable amount of waste generated from just using Quip. Worst still, Quip sends each refill individually in its own plastic tube and assortment of single-use plastic bags.

Though I like Quip, I wish the company was more considerate of the waste they produce.