Credo Beauty Skincare Products Review

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

i stopped by credo beauty in San francisco the other day and picked up some non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, semi-plastic free products. Here's what I think about them. 

Josh ROsebrook Nutrient day cream (spf 30) - $76

I was desperate for a zinc facial sunscreen lotion and was happy when I found Josh Rosebrook's which is packaged in glass with a plastic pump.

Pros - A little goes a long way with this lotion; just one pump is enough for the whole face. Because of this, it would last a while, making the price tag slightly less terrifying.

Cons - I don't like the feel or look that the lotion leaves me with. It's quite oily, causing my skin to be really shiny, so shiny that it was hard to tell the difference between highlighter and the lotion. The oily-ness also caused my skin to feel like it couldn't properly breath. 

Verdict - Returning. It's just too oily. 

Pai chamomile and rosehip calming day cream - $54 

I bought the day cream as a night cream actually (though it could be used for both), because it is slightly on the heavier side.

Pros - A little also goes a long way with this product, yet it still leaves my face feeling moisturized. It leaves my skin looking dewey rather than shiny which I appreciate. Like the Josh Rosebrook cream, Pai is also packaged in glass with a plastic pump. 

Cons - It's too bad it's packaged with a plastic pump. 

Verdict - Keeping. Works great as a night cream. That being said, I will stay on the lookout for an equivalent cream packaged in less plastic. UPDATE: I ended up returning the cream because it left my skin feeling tight, tingly, and somehow dryer than how it started. Also, it’s just too expensive for me to feel comfortable buying on a regular bases.

Herbivore Jasmine green tea balancing toner - $22

I actually don't use a toner because I don't notice any improvement with my skin. However, the Herbivore toner was included with my Credo Beauty purchase and I am actually happy with it.

Pros - It smells lovely, like fresh jasmine, and I like how little work is required to use it. Unlike some toners that you have to apply with a cotton ball, you just spritz on the Herbivore toner. It makes me feel very pampered. The toner is packaged in glass with a plastic spray pump (I plan to reuse the packaging and water my air plants with the bottle). 

Cons - I haven't noticed any difference with my skin. 

Verdict - It's nice, but I won't buy it again. That being said, for those who like toners, this could be a good option for you. 

African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil - $120

I tried a sample of the marula oil which is an oil acne treatment. I was sceptic about using an oil to treat acne, since oil is one of the main factors that leads to breakouts. 

Pros - The oil moisturized my skin, unlike many acne treatments. 

Cons - It smells very strongly of something vaguely herbal. I didn't notice a big difference with my acne and for something that cost $120 it should have been a miracle serum. 

Verdict - Wouldn't buy. It was ineffective, smelled strange, and is extremely expensive. 


What are your favorite ethical facial lotions and toners? Let me know in the comments.