College Zero Waste Shower Caddy

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

Having a zero waste shower caddy in college is easy.

Going into college, it was important for me to try to be as plastic free as possible. Creating a zero waste shower caddy actually might be the easiest and most straightforward area when avoiding plastic at university. I don’t feel like I’m skimping out or that I miss my old plastic products. If anything, I feel more lavish and pampered!

The Caddy:

I bought my metal wire caddy off of Amazon for $16. Unfortunately, it came in a plastic bag. Nonetheless, I’d recommend this caddy to anyone, regardless if they’re trying to be zero waste. It is lightweight and can be easily hung off of hooks or left on the floor, it’s durable, and it drys quickly.


I bought a glass soap pump from Amazon for $15 to use for my conditioner. It came in a zero waste cardboard box. I had tried a conditioner bar in the past, and while it’s ok for traveling, I didn’t want to have to use it on a regular bases. I fill the glass pump with conditioner I buy from a bulk grocery. Although it’s heavy, it works great. I recommend wiping down the aluminum pump after showering just to ensure it doesn’t rust overtime.


I initially bought a Lush shampoo bar for $15 and a round tin for $4 to use for traveling but loved it so much I incorporated it into my daily shower routine. It lasts a long time, smells great, is zero waste, and leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy. Previously, I was using a shampoo from Kiehl’s that smelled divine but left my scalp dry. I didn’t even realize the shampoo was causing me my issues until I switched to the Lush bar and felt what a difference it made.


I use a bar of soap I buy package free at a local grocery. I leave it on a hemp soap round that I bought while in France.


Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

I invested in a 3-piece safety razor from Package Free Shop for $25 shortly before leaving for college. While more work, it gives a close shave that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. In order to ensure you can use it for years to come, it’s important to completely disassemble the razor after each use and to dry each part. This is slightly time consuming but worth it. I only shave once a week, so it’s not too much of a hassle. Safety razors do require much more concentration when using and should be used with caution.


I use a natural loofa from Package Free Shop for $24 which I love. It leaves me feeling fresh and clean and can be composted at the end of its life. Read my full review here!