Venice, Italy

When spending time with family friends in Milan, my dad and I decided to pop over to Venice to experience the Italian city in the height of summer. Here are some suggestions about things to do/see.

Photographs by tala parker

take a gondola straight across a channel for 2€

Get the touristic experience and save some $$ by taking a short ride on a gondola across a short channel.

Eat good food

Stop at Trattoria Ai Cacciatori, Venice for good Italian food and avoid the over priced and mediocre food in Venice.

See some history and art

Stop in the square of the palace and visit the Guggenheim museum to get out of the heat

explore the streets

Pay attention to the sinking of buildings, the low doorways, etc.


Go to the beach and swim in the Mediterranean Sea

Take in the view

Look down at the city from the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS

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