Photographs by Tala Parker

Photographs by Tala Parker

Over the summer I had the opportunity to visit Mallorca, Spain. The island features both mountains and beautiful beaches and is worth exploring. Here is a quick recap of where I went.

Museo Etnologico del Calderers

1750’s manor turned museum exemplified the life of rich farmers of the time. I liked self-touring the manor and enjoyed learning a bit about how grains and such were stored back in the day. Outside there were farm animals, some of which were in what I thought were unsuitable enclosures.

Cuevas del drach (porto cristo)

A cave tour featuring impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Extremely touristy. Worth it if you are interested in geology and don’t mind crowds.

Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

Mountain with a church and a great view.

porto colon

A less touristy deep natural harbor with restaurants and a view of a lighthouse.

Castle of Capdepera

Medieval castle ruins with a great view overlooking a town, coast, and the mountains.   


Cute walking town with a few shops.