A Quick Stop in London

The busy working city often becomes packed with tourists during the warm summer months. However, there are a few great spots to check out around the city.

  • London Eye

    The London Eye is a fun touristy attraction to check out in the heart of London. From it, you’ll have a great view of the city. Beware though, tickets are pricey and wait times to go on can be long, especially in the height of summer.

  • Eastcote House Gardens

    I happened to be staying near the Eastcote Gardens, and they were a fun place to take a walk. The park offers a cute cafe, large open grassy fields, as well as a walled garden. While it was fun to check out, I wouldn’t recommend making the trek if you aren’t staying nearby.

  • Kew Gardens

    Kew Gardens are expansive and very beautiful. The garden features several buildings housing plants of particular climates and location, a tree walk, several water features, and much more. To fully see the garden you’d have to stay for hours. Kew was my favorite place in London, and I highly recommend spending an afternoon there.

tala parkerComment