Photographs by Camille Seaman, Jo rowling, and Tala Parker

Now that my mom is living in Ireland I have a great excuse to visit often which gives me an opportunity to explore the beautiful country. Over the last two years I’ve spent over a month traveling across Ireland. Here are a few of the spots I highly recommend checking out.

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is one of the most famous castles in Ireland. It’s located outside the major city of Cork and is home to the Blarney Stone, famed for giving the gift of gab. The grounds around Blarney make the castle truly spectacular. There are many different areas to walk through and explore. €18 for adults.


Cork is the second largest city in Ireland. It features colorful buildings juxtaposed by a looming gothic church. As it’s on the coast, the Titanic stopped in Cork before its fateful journey. Because of this, cork hosts a Titanic museum which I would describe as mildly informative and cute.

Adrigole and Tousist, co. Cork

Co. Cork offers breathtaking scenery and impressive stone circles. I highly recommend driving through this hidden gem of Ireland.


Kinsale is another cute colorful town located south of Cork. It’s a town filled with whimsy, and it was truly enjoyable to spend the afternoon walking through.


Killarney is one of my most favorite places in Ireland. Be sure to walk the grounds of Muckross House, explore the ruin of Muckross Abbey, walk to Torc Waterfall, and stop by Ross Castle.

Vandeleur Walled garden in kilrush

Further north, if you happen to be in Co. Clare I highly recommend spending some time walking around the Vandeleur Walled Garden. Inside the wall you’ll find a small maze and edible garden as well as a selection of trees from foreign regions. Outside the wall there are beautiful trails through wooded hills.

Kilkee cliffs

The cliffs of Kilkee are absolutely breathtaking. I could spend many hours walking along them. I recommend that you skip the Cliffs of Moher as they’re a tourist trap and extremely similar to the rest the cliffs along the west coast of Ireland.

The burren

The Burren is an interesting, rocky landscape located in Co. Clare. I would highly recommend visiting the Poulnabrone Dolmen, a portal tomb. I also visited Aillwee cave but it was underwhelming.

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty is a fun almost theme park style castle. There are many different buildings to explore that illustrated how people lived back in the olden days. There were also a host of animals kept in large pens that seemed happy and were fun to see. In addition, there were few people around the park dressed up in tudor era clothes making bread or doing other activities. Tickets are €16 for adults.


Coole park, co. galway

Coole park offers trails through wooded groves as well as a dry marsh. I would highly recommend stopping here if you enjoy walking around Irish forests.


Sligo is another cute colorful town with a lazy river flowing through it. If you’re there, I recommend stopping by Rugitino, an Italian restaurant offering genuinely amazing food.

Enjoy your adventure