How to Pack for 4+ Weeks in Multiple Climates/Locations in a Carry On

Be able to go from hot to cold weather in just one small bag

  • Have an idea of what the weather will be like & activities you’ll be doing

  • Lay out all your clothing. Don’t pack specific outfits, rather, pack items that all go together so you wont get bored of your limited wardrobe.

  • Because you’ll likely be traveling to both cooler and warmer climates, it’s important not to have to wear bulkier warm clothes on planes or other forms of transport (as you may do if you are just going to one cold location). It can be annoying to have to wear warm boots in a hot climate just because you don’t have space to pack them in your suitcase. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that bulky stuff fits in your bag.

  • Stuff your warmer stiff boots with socks, etc.

  • Wrap your boots/shoes in a canvas bag. It’ll keep your clothes clean incase your shoes get dirty and it also always helps to have a laundry bag/extra bag.

  • Bring lightweight fabrics which you can layer and which will dry fast (in case you have to do your own laundry on the go).

  • Don’t bring anything that you’ll only wear once. Because you have limited space, use it to pack stuff you know you’ll wear.

  • Don’t pack physical books. Instead, bring a kindle.

  • Leave extra room in your bag for extra things you may pick up along the way or if you pack worse later on.

  • Use compression cubes for underwear/socks. Roll everything else and put directly in bag.

  • Cut down on toiletries. Bring bar soaps and lotions if possible.

I hope that helps!

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