Away Suitcase Review


photographs by tala Parker

I was very excited when I discovered the Away Aluminum Suitcase, for it's one of the few non-plastic suitcases on the market today.   

The Aluminum Edition Bigger Carry-On ($495) is made by Away and measures 22.7" x 14.5" x 9.6". Away sells similar suitcases in various sizes and colors made from hard plastic. The Aluminum edition is the only Away suitcase made from a non-plastic material. In fact, it's one of the only non-plastic suitcases for sale today.

The Aluminum Carry-On is the most beautiful suitcase I have ever seen. The aluminum body is reminiscent of early airplanes and softly reflects its surroundings. The wheels glide smoothly and the handle never catches. Its design is thoughtful and anticipates travelers needs.  


For example, the suitcase includes a portable charger which can be easily removed if you need to check the bag. This is great for when you have long layovers and are relying on your device for entertainment or communication. Another great feature is the locking twin closures. 


The lockable twin closures on the side of the bag eliminate the need for a zipper, creating a more secure closure. I personally love this feature because it eliminates the wobbling between the two halves of the suitcase, an issue I noticed in Away's plastic suitcases. 


Inside the suitcase, there are two halves, one for clothes and one for shoes. On the clothes side, there's a slim pocket which also helps to evenly compress your clothes when the compression straps are buckled and tightened. On the shoe side, there is a divider with two small zippered pockets for small things such as jewelry. The divider hooks onto the side of the bag and keeps your shoes from shifting or falling out when you open the case. The halves are, unfortunately, not very deep. This isn't an issue if you're only traveling for a short period of time, but I struggled when packing for six weeks of travel.  

One thing about the Away suitcase I really appreciate is the waterproof laundry bag. It's secured in a small bag on the clothing side of the case and folds out into a sizable bag.


So what's the verdict?

I really loved this suitcase. It's beautiful and well designed. However, the suitcase is much heavier than the average plastic case due to the material it's made out of – metal. Even empty it's heavy. Filled with clothing, toiletries, and shoes? There was no way that I would be able to lift it above my head into the overhead bins on a plane. Sadly, because of this, I ended up returning the case.