Defining Your Ethical Values

There are many subcategories to be passionate about when it comes to ethical living, and sometimes you have to choose which are most important to you. 

Are you passionate about ending animal cruelty? Decreasing your reliance on fossil fuels? Ensuring that all humans are paid well and treated fairly? Limiting the number of toxic chemicals you come into contact with? I can say confidently that we all would like to support these causes. But do we really make the time and effort to actually affect change? It's overwhelming really, all of the terrible things we are doing to ourselves, our fellow organisms, and to the earth. Sometimes it's easier to forget about all of it than to do something. That's why it's so important to discover your core ethical values. When you do, you can focus on creating change in a few specific areas rather than being overwhelmed and giving up. 

Be informed!

The first step to defining your ethical values is to be informed. Research issues you’ve heard about and follow up on others that you learn about later in your search. It can be hard learning the truth, but by being informed we can change our actions and thus affect change on the world.


Listen to your heart; what do you really care about?

It’s ok that we are more passionate about some issue rather than others. It’s more important that we put our all into changing one or two issues rather than spreading thin and accomplishing little.

Research more about what you care about! Get angry and get inspired!

Knowing about how messed up the meat industry is here in the US and how unfairly the workers who are making my clothes are treated makes me what to change my ways. I’m glad that I put the time and effort into becoming more educated because I now feel like I can make informed decisions. On top of that, I can educate others about issues I’m passionate about.

Act according to your values and make change!

Now that you know about what specifically moves you find ways to alter your lifestyle to affect good into the world. For me, this means supporting ethical brands, buying cruelty free makeup, and only buying meat from local small farms. If everyone acted according to their values we could create immense change in society. Do your part!

Good luck!