Veja's Review

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

If i could only wear one pair of shoes, i would wear these sneakers.

Awhile back I only owned boots or sandals (this got old pretty fast). I was missing a good sneaker, so thus began the search for an attractive, ethically made shoe. I liked the look of Adidas, but the brand isn’t ethical. Finally, I found Veja’s.

Veja’s is a French ethical sneaker brand. They’re incredibly transparent about everything that goes into making their shoe and are proud of the improvements they’ve made. Their shoes are created with organic environmentally friendly materials, such as wild Amazonian rubber which is sustainably sourced and helps to protect the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. They also use organic Brazilian Nordeste cotton grown in a way that replenishes soil after harvest rather than harming it. The shoes are also made in Brazil in an ethical factory which pays and treats it’s workers well.

The brand doesn’t advertise in order to keep their shoes at a reasonable cost ($120-$130). I found mine at Amour Vert, an ethical American brand that was distributing Veja’s.

My Veja’s sneakers are amazing. I bought the black and white 3-lock velcro sneaker in my usual size (US 7, EU 38). When I first wore them they felt stiff, but that’s the nature of leather. After a few days of wear they were flexible and comfortable. I can walk and stand in them for hours and my feet don’t hurt. They provide the perfect amount of support and still look good at the same time. I love that the leather is a bright white whereas the rubber sole is an off white as it makes it easier to pair the shoes with white clothes. The velcro straps are fun and make putting the shoes on super easy.

The best thing about the shoe is how easy it is to keep looking clean and new. See the photos I’ve taken? Those Veja’s are about a year old, and I’ve worn them near constantly since buying them. Unlike other materials such as canvas, the leather makes it easy to keep the shoes white. At the end of the week I’ll take a damp cloth to rub off any dirt and they’ll look new again.

I highly recommend Veja’s for ethical sneakers!

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

Update: I went out on a muddy, rainy night and was still able to clean up my Veja’s!