Everlane Brand and SF Store Review

Photograph by Tala Parker

Photograph by Tala Parker

Everlane is an ethical brand based out of San Francisco, California, but they also have a store in New York City. They're known for their "radical transparency". Everlane not only gives detailed reports about the factories they source from, but also provide cost breakdowns for each of their products (see image below).  Their costs are reasonable, especially in comparison to many other ethical brands. They sell both men and women's clothes, bags, and underwear. They also have a sizable collection of women's shoes. I was first drawn to Everlane for their simply but thoughtfully designed classic pieces. One of my favorite things about the brand is that they photograph models of several different body shapes wearing their clothes. I also love that they have something in every clothing category, whether sweatpants or dresses or bags, which easily makes Everlane my favorite one-stop-shop for ethical, decent priced items.  

Info Graph by Everlane

Info Graph by Everlane

The Store: 

Since I live in Berkeley, California and San Francisco isn't all that far away, I decided to check out the brand in person before I bought anything online. The store, surrounded by coffee shops and little boutiques, is located on Valencia Street in a hip little neighborhood. The store is painted a crisp white, both outside and inside, and features a glossy white floor. I immediately started to look through the minimalistic and somewhat sparse racks that lined the walls. The selection in store is only a fraction of what they offer online which is definitely something to consider if you go with a specific item in mind. Regardless, I found a few things and headed towards the dressing rooms. The store was slightly crowded and I had to wait a few moments before one was available. The dressing room itself was brightly lit, allowing me to really get a good sense how I looked in the clothes. A few minutes into trying things on a store attendant asked me if I needed any different sizes. When I said yes, I got the distinct feeling that I had answered the question incorrectly. Nevertheless, she went off to get me a different size. Out of the dressing room, I noticed that a few of the store attendants definitely looked like they'd rather the store be empty so they could just talk to their friends. That being said, the woman at the cashier was really friendly.

Overall, the store was nice because it allowed me to find what Everlane size I was. However, I wish their staff was more friendly and that the store had a larger selection. 

The Clothes I Love:

The Utility Wide Leg Crop $68

The wide leg crop utility pant has easily become my favorite pair of pants. They're artsy looking and surprisingly flattering. The deep pockets are wonderful and the fabric is soft. They're also very comfortable; not too tight and not so loose they're unflattering. They run about two sizes small and loosen a bit with wear.

The Air oversized crew Tee $25

Everlane has a few different styles of t-shirts in the air fabric, all of which are buttery soft and lightweight. Of all the styles, I especially love the oversized crew. It's only slightly oversized which gives me a relaxed look without making me look sloppy.

The cotton twill short $48

I love the cotton twill short because unlike virtually all shorts, they're actually comfortable to sit in. They're made of the same material as the wide leg crop and as with the crop, I recommend sizing down two sizes. They have deep front and back pockets. They can be rolled up or down depending on how short you like to wear them. (In the first picture, I am wearing the white cotton twill shorts)

Photographs by Everlane


Have you made any Everlane purchases? If so, let me know down in the comments what you think of the brand!